EZBulb Lightbulb

Changers on HSN

Designed, Patented Worldwide, and

produced in the USA


Joseph Gurwicz

Keep your feet on the ground, just where they belong. Now that’s easy to do, thanks to Joseph Gurwicz and his handy design for a universal light bulb changer. Joseph decided to come up with this much-needed product after witnessing his father-in-law fall from a ladder while changing a light bulb. This handy tool helps light up a dark space quickly and safely.

No more climbing

Attaches to any universal extension pole, like a household broom

Simple to attach and remove lightbulb

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EZBulb Suction Set

See EZBulb in Action

EZBulb light bulb changers are designed to help replace LEDs. This demonstration shows the suction cup that securely holds the bulb. EZBulb is easy to use and fits on any universal extension pole.